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Finding the Right Scale

We Can Help you Choose the Right Scale for Your Application at the Right Price

This list provides an overview of major categories of scales. If your application is not listed, please call us for assistance.

Counting Scales:  Better counting means a better bottom line. The closer you can get to a perfect parts count, the closer you can get to just‑in-­time inventory which will then give you greater manufacturing efficiencies, quicker turnaround, and improved profits.
Checkweighers:  Nobody has to tell you that fast and accurate checkweighing is crucial to your bottom line. Underweight packages risk rejected shipments or costly rework. Over‑weight packages mean you're not getting paid in full for your product with immediate and accurate readings that won't slow your production line.
Bench Scales:  Durable, economical bench scale for uncomplicated industrial weighing. Choose the size that is right. Capacities from 30 to 500 lb. Deck sizes of 14, 18, 20 and 24 inches.
Indicators:  In the scale industry one type of indicator does not fit all applications either. The right indicator makes all the difference. The collection ranges from a simple, no‑frills version to full‑featured and parts counting models with Lexan or metal enclosures.
Platform / Pallet Scales: Know the weight of your shipments as dispatched, control your costs, built for trouble free service in material handling applications. They can be lightweight and portable for use in weighing palletized loads on pallet jack trucks or forklift trucks. Select the right size and capacity for your specific application. Low profile design makes them popular in food and manufacturing plants. The design allows for easy‑on and easy‑off manipulation of carts. Stainless steel models are able to withstand constant high pressure wash down and highly corrosive elements.
Lift Truck Scales: Weighing does not always have to be an added step. It can be an unobtrusive part of your standard process. Turn conventional lift trucks into mobile scales for greater efficiency and tighter inventory control. Automatic weighing simplifies record keeping. They are certified as legal for trade.
Unloading Trucks: Confirm that the quantities you ordered are the quantities you receive as you unload. No extra steps.
Loading Trucks: Use the instant weight data to load evenly and legally. Avoid overload fines and unsafe operation.
Shipping: Verify the accuracy of your customers' estimated shipping weights. Correct the transfer charges when you find a different weight.
Manufacturing: Help track inventories and save steps as product flows between departments. material weights as it is picked up for transport. No costly guess work; no extra trips to a remote floor scale.
Bin, Tank and Hopper Scales: Save steps, time and money by converting your existing bins, tanks or hoppers into accurate, dependable weighing systems. Capacities range from 125 to 200,000 pounds with both base‑mounted and suspended installations which can be quick and easy, with minimum disruption of your normal business. In the case of harsh environments, stainless steel covers or neoprene boots are available. A digital weight indicator can be installed at the weighing site or at a supervisory station up to 400 feet away. The weighing system can be expanded to control loading or unloading of containers with relays that are activated whenever preset weight readings are reached.
Truck Scales:  Premium truck scales have become the performance benchmark for ruggedness and performance in heavy use applications. Available in both steel and concrete in standard lengths of 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 feet, they install anywhere, depending on your state regulations, space requirements and environmental conditions, you can use it as a pit type scale, place it on a concrete slab, or simply set it on concrete piers. Features provide an unbeatable combination of structural integrity and cost effectiveness.
Crane Scales: Heavy duty and rugged with high capacity up to 20,000
Laboratory Balances: a full range of laboratory balances to suit your most demanding requirements. From moisture analysis to basic weighing, high capacity to high resolution, portable to analytical.

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