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The Ultimate Scale Calibration Reporting System: CECIS

American Scales CECIS Online Reporting SystemCECIS: Centralized Equipment Calibration Information System

American Weigh Systems will be using the latest in scale calibration technology. Gone are the piles of paper and reams of reports.

Every scale in your facility is entered into our database. When our technicians work at your facility, all measurements and calibration data are entered into the system in real time. In addition, historical data is available as well so they can determine if problems are part of  a trend or due to damage.

American Scales CECIS Online Reporting SystemWhen they return to the facility each night all the data is uploaded and is available the next day for client access.

So, need that scale calibration report? No more looking through file cabinets and boxes, just login and look it up. And, to enhance the core offering, our company has developed an advanced reporting system that will provide analysis and reporting across your entire installation.

We can do predictive reports that will indicate, based on calibration trends, if a scale is likely to fail or need major repairs. With this tool we can all but eliminate your downtime and enable replacements and repairs to be done in an orderly and economically efficient way.

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